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Unisoya – Process optimization with TRANSFO

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Located in Saint-Isidore-de-La-Prairie, Quebec, Unisoya has been producing GMO-free and trans fat-free tofu since 1986. With over 40 employees, this family business is proud to contribute to making a food that is as good for people as it is for the planet by working with local soybean producers.

From manual management to real-time traceability

Before working with Noovelia, Mathieu Beaulieu, co-owner of Unisoya, took a physical inventory of his products every morning using an Excel file. Fortunately, boxes do not stay in the warehouse for long before being shipped in this industry. However, it was very difficult to locate each one and as a result, quality control was suffering. The entrepreneur and his partners wanted to move away from manual management, inaccuracy and inability to track products.

In 2017, Unisoya called on Noovelia’s services to better manage the quality of its sampling. The collaboration continued in subsequent years, this time with Unisoya looking to go digital with one of Noovelia’s interconnected management solutions. As such, Noovelia implemented an ERP system connected to the company’s accounting software to facilitate sales management and purchase orders. Once the data is processed by the former, it is transferred to the latter. To complete the process, Noovelia also implemented its TRANSFO solution, which includes various modules that optimize inventory management, automatically generate product labels, quantify raw materials and ensure proper management of their receipt and shipment.

Convincing results

Thanks to TRANSFO, Mathieu Beaulieu can now track all products in real time at every stage of the process. He can also pinpoint exact inventory levels in real time and know how much raw material is being processed, which is essential information for his work. As for order preparation and shipping, he now has access to host of detailed product information, including origin, location, shipment date, production date, etc. If ever a customer has a problem, Unisoya is able to easily find the case in question thanks to the lot number and code associated with the product.

In short, the collaboration with Noovelia over the past five years has been very successful. Unisoya has significantly improved its operational efficiency, inventory management and product traceability. And this is far from over! In the coming months, Unisoya and Noovelia have many more projects to implement. To be continued !

Our collaboration with Noovelia has been extremely fruitful. This Quebec-based company not only offers high quality products, but also excellent service. They also have an exceptional after-sales service with a dynamic team that is dedicated, highly responsive and solution-oriented. – Mathieu Beaulieu, co-owner of Unisoya

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