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Héroux Devtek – Real-Time location system integration

Noovelia Kencee : Localisation en temps réel (RTLS)

Héroux-Devtek is a key global supplier of landing gear solutions for the Aerospace market.

The potential of real-time location systems

Based in Longueuil, Héroux-Devtek is the third largest landing gear producer in the world, with facilities in Canada, the United States, Spain and England. The company’s factories manufacture thousands of different parts with very precise characteristics that must be respected. To improve productivity, the shift towards digitization and Industry 4.0 is essential. Noovelia was chosen as a partner precisely because of its expertise in Industry 4.0.

Thanks to its high level of precision, Kencee, a real-time location system for manufacturing operations, makes it possible to track some 6,000 parts that circulate in Héroux-Devtek’s Longueuil plant throughout their production. This helps spot inefficiencies in the production cycle and then increase productivity and profitability by making fixes. The ability to monitor a work order in the factory and view its history in real time makes it possible to anticipate the part’s future path in the factory. The new system also makes it possible to create a vast database that can eventually be used to feed artificial intelligence engines in the factory.

An Echo-proof room

To develop and test its product, Noovelia called on the expertise of the College Centre for Technology Transfer in Telecommunications (C2T3), affiliated with Cégep de Trois-Rivières, which has a very special piece of equipment: an anechoic chamber.

“It’s a bit like a black hole,” explains Jean-François Viens, General Manager of C2T3. “It’s an environment completely isolated from the external environment, in which the radio frequency emissions of a device can be measured with great precision.”

This equipment is very useful for carrying out pre-certification tests. Indeed, transmitting devices are strictly regulated by the Canadian government in terms of the power and frequencies of their emissions. “Our facilities allow us not only to ensure that the devices meet Canadian standards, but also to diagnose and make recommendations when this is not the case, in order to solve the problem,” continues Jean-François Viens. The company can then take the Industry Canada certification tests, which are very expensive, without fear of failing them.

Noovelia owns the Kencee technology. This represents a great business advantage, since the company will be able to sell this innovation to other customers. Noovelia can also do this at a reasonable price, since it’s also the manufacturer.

Testimonial of Mr. Dominic Dallaire, Vice-President, Eastern Region at Héroux-Devtek, and Mr. Edwin Chikhani, Director of Business Development at IBM Québec.

Immediate Benefits

At the Longueuil plant, production performance has increased thanks to improved times, real-time monitoring of work on the floor and the database created for future use. This increased efficiency brings immediate benefits for customers, for example the ability to get an update on the progress and location of their product in the factory.

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