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Ocean Spray – From manual data collection to granularity traceability

Témoignage Ocean Spray - Noovelia

Founded in 1930, this agricultural cooperative now has more than seven hundred producer families in North and South America, including more than one hundred here in Canada.

Multiple challenges

Prior to Noovelia’s involvement, Ocean Spray was facing several issues: its inventory system was outdated and required manual data entry. In addition to being time consuming, this task was prone to errors and made it impossible to obtain an accurate, real-time view of the inventory. It became urgent to improve the traceability of ingredients and finished products, in particular because this criterion is part of the rigorous standards that allow for certification by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). Since some cranberries are certified organic and others are not, the objective was to be able to identify the origin of the products in order to separate them and avoid contamination (for example, to separate conventional cranberries from organic cranberries in the freezer).

Implementing granularity traceability

In 2015, Ocean Spray called on Noovelia to implement a new ingredient and product management system. Thanks to TRANSFO software, the U.S. company now benefits from complete granularity traceability, from receipt to shipment, and efficient inventory turnover. The system manages location, palletization, holds and releases, physical inventory as well as order picking and product specification. In addition, Ocean Spray now has access to real-time inventory and history, including a specific date in the past. Employees can now accurately run inventory reports without having to physically count individual units.

When it comes time for certification audits, it is also a tremendous advantage to be able to trace the exact route of ingredients and finished products. The auditor can easily obtain all the information he or she needs.

We are proud to do business with a Quebec company. We wanted service in French and we are very satisfied. Moreover, the employees are very professional and offer fast service. – Noémie Rondeau, Director, Logistics and Supply Chain, Ocean Spray

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