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Canimex – A successful Industry 4.0 transition thanks to the autonomous mobile robot

Témoignage Canimex

Canimex’s Torque Force division specializes in designing, manufacturing, and supplying quality components for residential, commercial, and industrial access systems and garage doors. Additionally, we operate our own aluminum foundry, providing die-cast product solutions for various industrial, recreational, and automotive sectors. However, before collaborating with Noovelia, we faced significant challenges.

As the Manufacturing Engineering Coordinator at Canimex, I want to share with you how Noovelia has transformed our company significantly by implementing its Autonomous Mobile Robot (AGV-AMR) solution. – Benoît Bédard, Coordinator


The main challenge we faced was the safety of our operators in manufacturing areas, especially due to constant forklift traffic. Recruiting skilled forklift operators had become a daunting task, and we dealt with scheduling issues causing significant time losses. In summary, we needed a solution to improve the safety, efficiency, and flexibility of our operations.


Faced with these challenges, we realized that automation was the answer to the shortage of skilled labor and our needs for safety and efficiency. Our strategy involved integrating an Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) with a lifting table into our production line. These robots are designed to operate autonomously without constant human intervention. We had clear goals in mind, but it was imperative to rethink our business model to achieve them:

  • Ensure the safety of personnel at all costs
  • Prioritize operations without time losses
  • Have a solution applicable 24/7
  • Reduce or eliminate forklifts from areas where they coexisted with operators


Noovelia quickly emerged as the ideal partner to solve our problems. They stood out for their ability to listen to our needs, flexibility, quick after-sales service, and the quality of their products. The Noovelia team demonstrated creativity in proposing innovative solutions tailored to our specific challenges. Collaboration was the key to our success.

The implementation of Noovelia’s solution was a collaborative experience. We worked hand in hand with their team to define our needs and find suitable solutions. Noovelia’s support was present from the beginning to the end of the project, and communication was smooth.


The results achieved with Noovelia’s industrial mobile robot have been remarkable. We successfully eliminated two forklifts, increased the efficiency of our evening shift by enabling production without the need for a forklift, reduced incidents by nearly 97%, and eliminated 100% of handling-related accidents in the affected areas. Our company’s productivity increased by 12%. Thanks to Noovelia, our production floor became safer, and we have the possibility to operate 24/7 without relying on a forklift. Time losses due to waiting for forklift operators were eliminated, significantly impacting our productivity.

Canimex Testimonial


In summary, Noovelia’s autonomous mobile robot not only solved our major safety and efficiency problems but also contributed to the growth of our company. Noovelia exceeded our expectations, and we continue to work together to improve our ever-evolving business model.

If you are looking for an automation solution for your company, I highly recommend Noovelia for their expertise, listening skills, and ability to generate innovative solutions. Noovelia has been a valuable partner for Canimex, and I am confident they can do the same for other companies seeking significant improvements in their internal logistics and workplace safety.

Benoît Bédard
Coordinator – Manufacturing Engineering
Canimex – Torque Force Division

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