Noovelia - Gestion des inventaires et traçabilité pour l'industrie de la viande et volaille

Inventory management and traceability for the meat and poultry industry

Automate and maximize your inventory management

Food safety standards, consumer concerns about where food comes from, demand forecasting… the challenges you face are significant. That’s why we’ve created digital solutions with features specifically tailored to your industry. With our solutions, you can:

  • Track live animals along the entire supply chain to meat cuts in real time
  • Interpret data from the slaughter floor to processing
  • Use this data in the event of a post-production feed recall
  • Transmit slaughter or processing information directly to government agencies or federations
  • Identify the origin of the meat pieces in each package as they leave the plant to meet the highest standards for export markets.

Our software is perfectly suited to the particularities of the meat industry and can be integrated into your ERP system or existing equipment.


Noovelia - Gestion des inventaires et traçabilité pour l'industrie de la viande multi espèces


Our solution optimizes your traceability and auditing processes while reducing data entry and risk of error. In addition, it ensures a reliable exchange of information with financial systems, agencies or federations. Your declarations are automatically transferred to Attestra SimpliTrace.

Noovelia - Gestion des inventaires et traçabilité pour l'industrie du porc


With the 2000 classification integrated in our solution, manual data entry is a thing of the past. Each animal is accurately tracked from birth to slaughter. Your declaration is automatically transferred to the government agencies in order to receive your premium quickly.

Noovelia - Gestion des inventaires et traçabilité pour l'industrie de la volaille


Our solution features industry-specific functionalities, including transport management: all data are integrated into our system (number of chickens per box, mortality rate, animal health criteria, etc.); chicken supply: our application takes into account the most rigorous criteria such as the lifespan of the birds, their weight, etc. in order to facilitate management; and demerit management: in the event of a recall, you can trace each step.


Receiving and shipping
Location (warehouse/location/crate)
Input consumption
Production and labeling
Automated lines and equipment integration
Loading and procurement of animals

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