Fruits and vegetables

Noovelia - Gestion d'inventaire et traçabilité pour la récolte, la transformation et l'emballage des fruits et légumes

Inventory management and traceability for harvesting, processing and packaging of fruits and vegetables

Optimize your fruit and vegetable chopping and processing practices, from field to market!

As a player in the agri-food industry, you are short on time and manpower. What’s more, you must comply with increasingly stringent standards. To help, we have developed automated equipment and processes as well as interconnected software that allow you to:

  • Increase your production and profitability
  • Reduce food losses due to uncontrolled storage and rotation
  • Respect the quality and safety standards of the agri-food industry


Noovelia - Gestion d'inventaire et traçabilité pour la récolte, la transformation et l'emballage des fruits et légumes

Control the management of your raw materials to finished products

Focused on traceability, our TRANSFO solution integrates with your existing equipment (scales, robots, PLCs and barcode printers) to manage your operations, label your products, track them from receipt to shipment and store all data.

Inventaire connecté, gestion d'inventaire, traçabilité des produits - Noovelia

Locate, track and analyze your merchandise

Looking for a specific bag of cranberries in your inventory? Our traceability and inventory management solutions identify the warehouse, row and case where it is located, and the unique identifier that allows you to track it. Precise tracking practices limit losses due to massive product recalls or poor inventory turnover that results in products past their due date.

Traçabilité des données et rentabilité - Noovelia

Reassure your customers and increase profitability

With our inventory management and traceability software, you can be sure that you always deliver the right product at the right time to the right customer. And you can prove it! What’s more, the information gathered by our systems puts your sales team in a better position to make the right decisions to boost profitability.


Receiving and shipping
Location (warehouse/location/crate)
Input consumption
Production and labeling
Automated lines and equipment integration

To obtain the technical data sheet of one of our TRANSFO solutions dedicated to the agri-food industry or to learn more about our different packages, simply fill out our form!

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