Real-Time Location System (RTLS)

Noovelia Kencee : Localisation en temps réel (RTLS)

Kencee: Real-Time Location System (RTLS)

Optimize your processes with real-time tracking!

Our Kencee geolocation system locates key elements of your production line to provide you with an accurate, detailed, real-time view of all actions taking place in your facility. The analysis of this information then allows you to gain in-depth knowledge of your production flows, minimize your operating costs and improve your productivity and profitability.

Ten times more accurate than Wi-Fi and Bluetooth LE, our Kencee geolocation system consists of active tags and receivers that locate important elements of your production line in real time. Simply attach a tag to the truck, AGV or product you want to track and pinpoint its location quickly and easily.


Localisation en temp réel (RTLS) - Kencee - Noovelia

Critical data collection

The antenna then continuously collects information from each of the tags. Data analysis allows you to prioritize production stages according to your deadlines, which helps you to stay on top of production and delivery schedules.

Noovelia Kencee : Localisation en temps réel (RTLS)

System connectivity (MES, WMS and ERP)

Customized data acquisition and analysis software is connected to your ERP system. The dashboard presents a global and detailed picture of your production, the geolocation of your key assets and alerts in case of prolonged immobility.

Localisation en temp réel (RTLS) - Kencee - Noovelia

Ultra Wide Band UWB Technologies

Ultra Wide Band radio frequency reading is the most accurate location system available on the market. Performed within a radius of 10 to 50 cm and at least 10 times more accurate than Wi-Fi and Bluetooth LE technologies, it is also the most reliable thanks to minimal variation between each reading, unlike Wi-Fi location which varies greatly and cannot offer data as constant and consistent as UWB.

Localisation en temp réel (RTLS) - Kencee - Noovelia

Real-Time Location System (RTLS)

Kencee employs the Real-Time Location System (RTLS) principle: a method of measuring distance by triangulation between a minimum of three receivers and an active tag to locate key assets in a production line. The tag emits a signal that is returned to it by the receivers, then emits a response. These three exchanges echo each other in a few nanoseconds allowing the system to determine the exact position of the tag and its movement continuously.

Localisation en temp réel (RTLS) - Kencee - Noovelia


Unparalleled security

All data exchanged between the receivers and the positioning system is protected by a robust encryption protocol.

Reusable tag

A unique tag accompanies each item from the beginning to the end of its production cycle. It then returns to the beginning of the chain where it is reused.

3D reading capability

Reading on x, y and z axes.


Unlimited number of receivers and active tags.

Long-lasting battery

Each active tag is equipped with an accelerometer to decrease the frequency of signals when it is stationary.

Wi-Fi connectivity

The receivers communicate with the positioning server via the existing wireless network.

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