Autonomous industrial forklift

Versatile and agile, this self-propelled forklift is capable of lifting and depositing goods on the ground, at height, in narrow areas or on conveyors.

Ideal for warehouses, distribution centers and storage areas, it allows, among other things, to easily move loads or lift pallets to place them at height.


Noovelia Véhicule industriel autonome chariot élévateur (AGV/AMR) - Noovelia

Highest load capacity on the market

Made of heavy-duty steel, this forklift has a load capacity of up to 2,268 kg (5,000 lbs). Moving products from the production line to the warehouse couldn’t be easier!

Noovelia Véhicule industriel autonome chariot élévateur (AGV/AMR) - Noovelia

Natural navigation with mapping

This AGV forklift features natural navigation developed by Noovelia in partnership with its research chair. This advanced technology features real-time mapping that provides information on vehicle status, route planning, mandatory transition points, definition of no-go zones, teach mode, etc.

Noovelia Véhicule industriel autonome chariot élévateur (AGV/AMR) - Noovelia

Modular and customizable

Designed in modules, this self-guiding vehicle can be configured in multiple ways to suit your needs, including with a fork or outfitted to transport rolls or pallets.

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