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Automated guided vehicles (AGV/AMR)

Boost productivity and cut production costs with our automated AGVs!

As the first AGV/AMR manufacturer in Quebec, Noovelia offers self-guided material handling vehicles to significantly optimize your production flow, without any major investment.

Our AGV/AMR robots move in an intelligent and autonomous way. An ideal solution to labor shortages, they also minimize the risk of error. They are reliable, safe and require little maintenance.


Increased productivity

Increase your production capacity with connected process automation, better interoperability and enhanced logistics. Worker downtime is a thing of the past with our continuous-run AGV robots that never take a break. There’s no limit to order volumes with these robots on the job.

Operations control

Real-time tracking, process automation and predictive capabilities give you end-to-end control of operations. Always hit production and delivery deadlines and detect potential problems in the production chain before they occur.

Ideal labor shortage solution

Labor shortage has become a major issue for companies. By relieving your employees of low-value-added tasks, our autonomous mobile robots efficiently address this shortage while enhancing the value of your workforce.

Quality maximization

By performing repetitive tasks with consistent accuracy, our self-guided carts minimize the risk of error and product damage. The result: you maximize quality and improve inventory management.

Progressive investment

Your production is growing? Simply purchase one or more AGVs to suit your expanding operations. This flexible, scalable approach reduces capital expenditures, lowers risk and aligns your production expenses with your revenue.

Perfect traceability

Using a reliable solution focused on traceability and production management allows you to obtain an accurate picture of all your activities. Among other things, you can quickly and accurately identify products, determine their origin and locate them in real time within the supply chain.

Real-time mapping

With the mapping software interface, you get a complete real-time view of your AGV/AMR movements. You can also view performance reports, equipment status and trajectory history as well as set alerts.


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