How to choose your first autonomous mobile robots project

Comment choisir un premier projet avec des véhicules industriels autonomes?

Every business has its own realities and needs. There is no “one way” to determine what is ideal for every business when it comes to integrating autonomous mobile robots (AGVs/AMRs). To help guide you, we have compiled a list of typical projects that illustrate the potential uses and benefits this technology would provide for your business.

Here are some common examples of projects where autonomous mobile robots are beneficial:

Autonomous mobile robots move goods efficiently and accurately in many types of environments. They also improve warehouse and inventory management and logistics by providing an accurate picture of current operations through real-time mapping. In addition to ensuring material traceability, some AGVs/AMRs have a very high load capacity. The robots also communicate with each other, making them very flexible. They are also an excellent solution to the labor shortage.

Autonomous mobile robots are replacing conveyors or being integrated into floor assembly lines more and more. Businesses are choosing this option because of the flexibility the AGVs/AMRs offer, both in terms of speed and production line layout. In fact, with autonomous mobile robots, the number of possible configurations is considerably higher than with traditional equipment. Not only are AGVs/AMRs extremely safe, they are also very flexible since they are modular.

Autonomous mobile robots transport raw materials or other elements to production areas at the right time and without interruption. They are an effective replacement for forklifts and other traditional human-operated vehicles. Equipment used for handling, loading, and unloading can also be installed on AGVs/AMRs. This means less equipment is required since the same device can be used in multiple locations. AGVs/AMRs are also extremely useful in busy or hazardous areas.

For your inaugural run with autonomous mobile robots, choose a project that will have a very positive impact on your business, can be completed within a reasonable time frame, and will allow you to acquire valuable experience with this cutting-edge technology. Also take into consideration safety and regulatory compliance factors.

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Stephan Elliott, B.Eng., Vice President of Business Development
Noovelia – Autonomous Mobile Robots Division

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