Forklifts and safety: The advantages of autonomous technology

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Traditional forklifts are the root cause of many accidents involving personnel and equipment. When autonomous mobile robots  (AGVs/AMRs) are used, the number of accidents can be minimized. Fewer accidents mean fewer health and safety claims, lower costs associated with equipment breakdowns, less unusable equipment to replace and, most importantly, a safer environment for workers.

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Autonomous mobile robots are equipped with 360° sensors that manage their safety perimeter. As soon as an object or a person enters this perimeter, the robot detects its presence, slows down or stops.

Through their complex algorithms, robots can avoid and bypass obstacles. These algorithms are based on a risk analysis (doors, intersections, employee walkways, prohibited areas, fixed elements, etc.), which is also used to determine appropriate speed parameters for the environment.

Regulatory agencies have established strict safety standards for autonomous mobile robots. One of the goals of these standards is to ensure humans and robots can co-exist safely and simply. All products offered on the market must meet applicable standards, including:

  • ANSI-ITSDF-B56.5-2019
  • ANSI-RIA-R15.08-1-2020
  • ANSI-ITSDF-B56.1-2020
  • ISO 3691-4

Not only do they increase safety, autonomous industrial vehicles are very efficient:

  • They never get tired or inattentive.
  • They follow programmed paths, without detours.
  • They are always courteous: yielding to others is the rule of thumb.
  • They generate savings by preserving equipment and workers’ physical well-being.

In short, AGVs/AMRs are your allies for creating a safe work environment. In a labor-scarce market, improving your business’ reputation for health and safety could also make it easier to recruit.

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Stephan Elliott, B.Eng., Vice President of Business Development
Noovelia – Autonomous Mobile Robots Division

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